CA TRT Support Rally for Del Mar CROW Gun Show - 5/9/2000 - Pic #2
Here I am being interviewed by the TV reporter from the local San Diego CBS affiliate, KFMB Channel 8. I must have yakked it up for a good five minutes, but all that made it on the air was my face for about ten seconds and a voice over. They got the good sound-bite, though, since that's all I gave them. The cameraman and/or editors had to labor mightily to keep folks with TRT-Shirts out of the picture, because they were all over the place. The folks behind me are those who couldn't fit into the standing-room-only BOD meeting room, i.e.: we had at least abother sixty folks inside, so we outnumbered the antis about 15 to 1 -- my kind of odds! Nothing like a show of force when conducting a rally, and that means NUMBERS.

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