CA TRT Shuts Down MMM Demonstration in San Diego on 5/14/2000 - Pic #13
Boy, that gal in the foreground sure looks pleased at having to go right by a line of us! The stone-faced works well with the T2 shades... The blond lady on the left (no pun intended), with the MMM t-shirt on, was one of the more intrepid MMM'ers. She had a sign that had the words "NRA" on it, with the ol' red circle and slash over it, and she repeatedly waved it in our faces. I laughed out loud! But she had spunk. If only she focused it on the real issues.

The tiff between TRIPOTUS Clinton and the NRA wasn't two months old by this time, and we saw a lot of evidence of how these sheeple had bought the media propaganda that focused on the NRA as the sole cause of the so-called "gun violence" problem.

As George Orwell said: "The enemy of the moment always represents absolute evil."

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