CA TRT Shuts Down MMM Demonstration in San Diego on 5/14/2000 - Pic #2
Ah, 'twas a beautiful sunny San Diego day -- perfect weather for a rally! Looking Westward down El Cajon Blvd., you can see how we had the Education Center (out of frame on the right) walled off from the street, by virtue of taking over the sidewalk. People simply walked up and down the street, waving their signs at the passing motorists, and you couldn't even see the MMM'ers packed up against the building. Whoever had possession of the bullhorn at the time would coach our people, "Don't bunch up - keep your interval - let everyone see your signs." Worked great!

Oh, that's me on the right in the TRT-shirt and sun hat with my little two year-old boy in my arms, giving an interview to the local CBS affiliate, KFMB Channel 8. More on that in the next pic.

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