CA TRT Shuts Down MMM Demonstration in San Diego on 5/14/2000 - Pic #3
A cameraman setting up for an interview with yours truly. These particular newsies were from the local CBS affiliate, KFMB Channel 8. I had my TRT-shirt in full effect, with my boy in my arms and my wife in the forgroung with the "Education not legislation" sign. With support like that, how can you lose? I think the little guy did more to get our message across than anything I could have said; it's "for the children" after all, dammit! Something we made efforts to explain the the MMM'ers, those who would listen.

I didn't see it myself, but others told me that this quip made it on the air, as did another bit where I asked the reporter "Don't you have kids? Don't you want them to grow up as free as you did?", to which he couldn't answer.

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